Description and Games For PlayStation Move

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With the new release of the PlayStation console, developers have been working on a motion sensor device, similar to Wiki. However, this device will simply be added on to the overall console.  Meaning that you can play it with the normal controllers as well as with the new Move controllers. Also, if you have a game that allows you to play Co-Op or split screen, one player can use the ordinary controls, and one player can utilize the Move controls.

The new move device will be released sometime in September this year, a lot of PS3 gamers are going to be very excited to get their hands on this new piece of hardware.  The package comes with the motion detector device which is attached to the PS3, and hand held controllers.

These controllers can be bought in a variety of colors, and they contain a set of buttons, and a small, glowing sphere.  The sphere changes colors depending on which player is holding it, this ball basically helps the motion detector to sense where the player is moving the device easier and figure out who it holding it, as well as adding a nice effect.



 The handhelds will pretty much be the same shape; however you will be able to purchase controllers with shapes like machine guns, pistols, and even swords. Allowing the player to really experience the game, and have amazing gaming experience.

Games that were designed before the Move will be updated to allow the player to play with the Move controllers. Games such as Resident Evil 5 will have Move versions released for free

Games such as Little Big Planet 2 will be designed to allow one player to control the character, and one player to assist or prevent the character from reaching his or her goal. The possibilities of gaming with this new device are limitless.

The games for PlayStation move are going to set it apart from the other motion controlled consoles on the market.  Unlike Wiki and Kinect, Move will have big budget games from a variety of developers that are geared towards both casual and hardcore gamers.